Grizz - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Blue Denims Grizzly of Topinambur DNA-CP
DOB: 23. November 2020
Red Bi
HD: A1
ED: 0/0
OCD : frei/clear
LÜW: frei/clear
MDR1 : +/+
HSF4 : frei/clear
CEA : frei/clear
PRA-prcd : frei/clear
SOD1: frei/clear
Augen frei/clear Oktober 2022
Grizzly….he was born as the first of 7 puppies on my 50th birthday, well, and with that he had already won. He stayed! Grizzy is just good, sweet, kind and so pretty 😉 He is absolutely uncomplicated and always wants to do everything right.
Very fine and cool in training on the animals with a good feeling for the animals. He does his daily job calmly and confidently, e.g. getting the sheep from the meadow. He is my first dog for deworming, hoof care or vaccinations. He gets the sheep out of the smallest pen without a fuss and holds them wherever I need them, safely and without stress for the animals.
It always fascinates me how such a young dog already radiates and has such coolness. In everyday life he is a very pleasant companion, never causes stress, gets along well with the males and females in my pack. He loves people he knows, with strangers he first needs a little getting-to-know phase, but usually the stranger is also a good buddy after a short time. I just love this red copy of Levi and am so happy to have him here with us!
Photo credits: Alexandra Kraus und Torsten Hänsch
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