Joker - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Topinambur’s Joker DNA-CP „Joker“
Geb.: 10.03.2021
Blue Merle
Owner: Stefanie Binder

ED 0/0
OCD frei / clear
LÜW frei / clear
Augen frei / clear (09/2023)
EAOD: frei / clear
MDR1 +/+
CMR1 frei / clear
HSF4 frei / clear
CEA frei / clear
prcd-PRA frei / clear
SOD1/DM n/n
Joker has been living with Steffi and Sören in the beautiful Swabian region of Baden-Württemberg since he moved out. He is an active member of the rescue dog team and is already a tested team with his owner Steffi. Joker is an absolute sweetheart. Super cheerful, very, very polite towards other dogs...always charming to people and dogs. A totally open and funny nature characterize this extremely handsome male. The three of them come to Lower Saxony every few months to continue learning with the sheep. Joker is a very fine dog with a strong drive. Despite his infrequent training with the sheep, he is already a reliable worker. He has a great feeling for the animals, takes a back seat when he needs to and can also assert himself when things get stuck. He is a natural at sorting and penning. Totally cool and easy, he pens in and out and always keeps an eye on all the sheep without spreading stress.

Otherwise he accompanies his humans everywhere and is simply an uncomplicated, easy going dog.
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