P'Two - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Topinambur's Belle-Star ATDds STDc
Foto: Nina Dülsner
DOB:June 05. 2015
Red Tri
OCD clear
MDR1 +/+
The little P´Two or "Hans Dampf in allen Gassen". My little wild bumblebee or also called bitch. Absolutely fond of everyone, open and friendly, but she doesn't have to have strangers.
She is an absolutely sensitive little bitch and working with her has taught me a lot. Above all, keep calm. We have now got together and I am very enthusiastic about this spirited little mouse.
She works super cool, calm and relaxed on stock. Her way of leading animals is super confident and very pleasant for the animals.

Foto: Nina Dülsner

Foto: Nina Dülsner
P´Two always keeps in touch with the cattle and does their job ...... The flanks are wide and fast, her reception is very fine. She loves to work in pens and she is already one of my favorite dogs.
Sorting, separating, servicing and repacking is done without stress and noise.
Agility .... we have now started with that too and it is just fun for her. She has so much fun running and accelerating that this is actually her second favorite job.
She learns madly quickly and you can see her joy almost jumping out of her eyes when I praise her and I praise her constantly ... that's why it bounces all the time :)
for me she is just my perfect Peachy baby !!!
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