Raven - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Topinambur's Give Me Five OTDds
DOB: November 05. 2013
Black bi
ED 0/0
OCD clear
MDR1 +/+
HSF4 clear
SOD1 n/n
Eyes clear February 2021
long tail
CEA/CH clear
prcd-PRA clear
A sweet absolutely friendly and happy little bitch who has integrated perfectly into the pack. The first sheep contact gives hope for a lot. She works with wonderful style and shows perfect square flanks. I'm looking forward to working with my elf.
Raven is my absolute dream dog. Nice and friendly to all people, always open and happy. A total reliable dog at work. She works with beautiful style and has an incredible feeling for the animals. A rather soft dog that only needed slight corrections during training. She is here with Peaches my right hand on the farm….
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