Zoom - Topinambur-Aussies Australian Shepherd breeding from the Harz Mountains

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Topinambur’s 501 Levi‘S original "Zoom"
Foto: Alexandra Kraus
DOB.: 10.03.2021
Blue Merle

ED 0/0
OCD frei / clear
Eyes clear / ggr. MPP (10/2023)
MDR1 +/+
CMR1 frei / clear
HSF4 frei / clear
CEA frei / clear
prcd-PRA frei / clear
SOD1/DM n/n
Zoom is my dream of Raven's child. Since I hadn't kept a baby from Raven's first litter with Levi and had been struggling for a long time with whether Raven should have another litter at all after her bad Lyme disease...I am all the happier that Kathrin was visiting and I was a little distracted, and then Levi and Raven spontaneously took this decision away from me 🥰
Everything was meant to be and here she is....my magical Zoom. An always happy and absolutely adorable little girl. Simply a sweetheart ....although the males in the house certainly see it a little differently 🙈😂
Although I have hardly trained her at all, she is the perfect dog to learn on the sheep. She is simply "easy going" in all respects and can be handled by anyone. Everything is just fun with her and she has fun with everything.
Herding just goes by itself with her....she makes you look good together. I think I can say that she is everybody's darling. Everyone who meets Zoomie is enchanted
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